Yii Application Requirement Checker


This script checks if your server configuration meets the requirements for running Yii application. It checks if the server is running the right version of PHP, if appropriate PHP extensions have been loaded, and if php.ini file settings are correct.

There are two kinds of requirements being checked. Mandatory requirements are those that have to be met to allow Yii to work as expected. There are also some optional requirements beeing checked which will show you a warning when they do not meet. You can use Yii framework without them but some specific functionality may be not available in this case.


Your server configuration satisfies the minimum requirements by this application.
Please pay attention to the warnings listed below and check if your application will use the corresponding features.


NameResultRequired ByMemo
PHP version Passed Yii Framework PHP 5.4.0 or higher is required.
Reflection extension Passed Yii Framework
PCRE extension Passed Yii Framework
SPL extension Passed Yii Framework
MBString extension Passed Multibyte string processing Required for multibyte encoding string processing.
Intl extension Passed Internationalization support PHP Intl extension 1.0.2 or higher is required when you want to use advanced parameters formatting in Yii::t(), IDN-feature of EmailValidator or UrlValidator or the yii\i18n\Formatter class.
PDO extension Passed All DB-related classes
PDO SQLite extension Passed All DB-related classes Required for SQLite database.
PDO MySQL extension Passed All DB-related classes Required for MySQL database.
Memcache extension Passed CMemCache To use memcached set CMemCache::useMemcached to true.
APC extension Warning CApcCache
Mcrypt extension Passed CSecurityManager Required by encrypt and decrypt methods.
PHP safe mode Passed File uploading and console command execution "safe_mode" should be disabled at php.ini
Expose PHP Passed Security reasons "expose_php" should be disabled at php.ini
PHP allow url include Passed Security reasons "allow_url_include" should be disabled at php.ini
PHP mail SMTP Passed Email sending PHP mail SMTP server required